Derrick was born 19 September 2004.

He is a brother to Kelvin , who is also sponsored by the Matunda community Centre.

Both children stay with their parents in Soweto.

The two children joined Matunda in May 2011.

The father works in the building industry.

Their mother is a housewife.

Derrick is an emotional child.

He is a normal child without any form of disability.



He started his journey as a pupil in a normal classroom on 16 February 2015. Before this, like many other children in the Matunda centre, he was a pupil at the Matunda learning site.

He is now in class two and is a promising performer. This is shown in his determination to improve.

He is disciplined and we hope to see him do even better.



Derrick has been doing well in school.

It is unfortunate that he joined school late and had to join class one at the age of eleven, but this has not prevented him from being regular in school and performing well.

He is a disciplined boy and has not had any cases of misbehavior since he joined Mwangaza primary school.

His performance in the first term was good despite the fact that he had joined school very late.

His reading skills have also improved.

Derrick continues to be an emotional child. He hates being corrected and prefers getting away with any wrong he does.

He has to work on his attitude towards correction whenever he does a mistake.