Elvis (Vis)

Elvis was born 23 June 2006.

He is a younger brother to Brenda who is also sponsored by the Matunda.

Their parents are separated.

The two children currently stay with their mother and step father.

The two children joined Matunda in 2009.

He is a normal child without any form of disability.

He is a jovial and talkative boy, just like his sister.



Elvis started his journey as a pupil in a normal classroom on 16 February 2015. Before this, like many other children in the Matunda centre, he was a pupil in the Matunda learning site.

He was given the opportunity because he is a fast learner and a good competitor.

He is currently a class two pupil in Mwangaza primary school.

He is disciplined and we hope to see him do even better in his new school.



Elvis proved himself throughout the year by doing well in school. His class teacher praises him for his good performance.

He is a good boy, however very talkative and needs to know how to control himself.

He has a quick temper.

Elvis is still learning to report those who wrong him rather than start a fight with them.

This process might take some time because changing a behaviour takes time.