Harrison was born 1 June 2003.

He stays with his mother and three other brothers in Soweto.

He joined Matunda in 2009.

He is a normal child without any form of disability.



Harrison was disciplined throughout the year. He also showed a lot of determination in his school work.

He is still learning to be responsible, specifically on cleanliness, and take care of himself without waiting to be told.

He did not suffer from any kind of illness throughout the year,



Harrison is a class five pupil in Mwangaza primary school.

He is disciplined boy and was not involved in any kind of mischief either in school or at the Matunda site.

He is an above average performer.

Though his performance in the first two terms of learning remained the same, he did well in the last term and proved that with a lot of determination, he can do better in his next class.