Joyce (Shiro)

Joyce was born 23 September 2001.

She is a sister to Peter and Michael, who also receive sponsorship from Matunda.

The three lost their mother due to illness.

They have a stepmother, but she does not stay with them.

They stay alone in a house rented by their father.

They joined Matunda in 2007.

The father, like many other fathers in Soweto, works in the building industry.

This is an unstable job because one is never sure of whether they will or will not get a place to work the following day.

The step mother sells cereals but their father takes care of all their expenses.

She is a normal child without any disability.

Joyce is a disciplined and determined girl.



She was disciplined throughout the year and was not involved in any mischief either in school or at the Matunda site.

Joyce acted responsibly, not only on her part, but also by taking care of her younger brother, Michael.

She was well throughout the year; did not suffer from any kind of serious illness.



Joyce is a class eight pupil in Mwangaza primary school. Her class teacher, Mrs. Ochieng, praises her for being a disciplined girl. She also admits that Joyce still has room for improvement and can do better in her school work.

Her teacher still has a lot of confidence in her ability to do even better in the future.

She is an above average pupil.