Rose was born 28 December 2001.

Her parents are separated.

Rose joined Matunda community centre in 2003.

The mother moved to the country side, leaving Rose and her elder sister with their father.

Her father works as a builder. This is an unstable job for many parents living in the slums.

She is a quiet girl and does not talk much.

Rose is a normal child without any form of disability.



Rose’s performance in school is still very poor. She needs to do a lot to improve and get better marks in the future.

She is no longer as quiet as she used to be, however, she has not learned to open up about personal issues that affect her.


Her sister, who dropped out of school, and has had two kids, was starting to be a bad influence to her especially during the holidays.

Her brother stepped in and talked to her. This brought a few changes in the way she conducts herself during the holidays.

She stopped missing the holiday tuitions at the Matunda center.



She is a class six pupil in Mwangaza primary school.

Her class teacher says she needs to improve on her class performance.

She is a disciplined child and has never had any case of misconduct while in school or at the Matunda center.