We carry on

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We carry on

The last few days we have talked with two contractors about building. We had also been checking on the prices of corrugated metal sheeting (with an option of bricks – clearly more expensive), wood, anchoring poles, and cement. With that information we can better judge what we hear from contractors.

We also went with three kids to a doctor to see about a case of an infection on the eyes, worms and malnutrition, and one boy (actually two, but one diagnosis and two treatments is cheaper) with a fungus infection of the scalp.

The medical prepaid card is now very useful, as one just has to produce the card to get help. It’s in a special clinic that the insurance company has a contract with, and that means a good price for us. It’s not coverage by name, so the card is good for whoever uses it. Good system!

As we are now leaving Matunda, we’ll have to continue our contact by e-mail and Skype. While we have accomplished a lot, there is still plenty to do. We’re well satisfied with the progress made: the kids have food to eat, they now have necessary medical care, we decided on teaching them at Matunda, and they’re doing more with creative and educational projects, with more coming.