Rainy season

Rain can be fun!


Rainy season

The end of the year rainy season in Kenya and it can be quite wet! It doesn’t often rain all day, but is does regularly.

The center has an earthen floor, with a piece of linoleum over it, and outside it’s bare ground that can get awfully muddy.

The kids are then inside more often, and then the building is really too small. Patricia and Fredd try to keep the kids busy, including school time, but with the little ones, it can be difficult to keep everyone busy at the same time.

The intention was to check into the possibilities of adding on to Matunda, but after trying to buy the ground (and possibly the lot next door), we had to give up that idea. The land was not for sale, and is actually too small for the future.IMG_1741

The owner, who lives at the back of the grounds, was so good as to replace a large piece of the outside wall (a patchwork of old corrugated metal siding). We are also trying to add a smaller addition to the existing building to at least have a temporary solution. Hopefully we can report on that shortly. Keep an eye on this column.

Everything is running well at Matunda. The kids have food to eat, medical care is being taken care of, and Patricia’s husband Fredd is taking care of a simple education.

Money is coming in – thanks to all those who have donated! This remains a major item, as we need around €300 (more than $400) a month for simple salaries for Patricia, Fredd, and the mother who now cooks daily, as well as for food, medical care and the “daily necessities”.