Rainy season






It’s now the rainy season, which, of course, means it rains a lot. I wish the Netherlands was regulated like this, as it rains mostly at night, and sometimes in the morning. When the sun comes out again, it’s relatively quickly dry, but the mud will get you. In the slums, the runoff is a slight ditch dug in the ground, or just the natural small ditches meandering through the neighborhood, with contents we don’t want to talk about.

Digging in that wet, muddy ground was very heavy work for our workers. They have to go through the ground to hit the deeper bedrock that will serve as the base for the building. The base of the foundation is at six feet (two meters), and the base of the pillars at eight.




Now if you want to lose weight, I can assure you that you could here, throwing dirt out of that ditch! And then moving it again to get it to the road, and then throwing it on the back of a truck, which is also about the same height off the ground. And that in the hot sun, for wages that most white folk won’t even get out of a chair for.

Then again, they are pleased to have a job, and do it well. They are also pleased to be part of this project for their community.






I had to try (of course) compacting the ground with a large stone on the end of a stick. After about a half an hour I thought I had proved (to myself) that I could do it, and the locals, so it seemed, certainly enjoyed watching. Ain’t no way I could do that the entire day!










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