After a week


In the meantime het railing is done on the stairs and on the balcony, most of the water lines are in, and electrician is starting with the wiring.

The building is a good, sturdy structure, and safe. Much of that you don’t see. The foundation is very important for a good building, but is in the ground. The concrete pillars and floor are covered with cement and plaster. Now the things are coming that are visible and they are also important. The cement along the railing on the stairs must be flat and even, the edges along the balcony smooth and straight. The gate and railing on the stairs must be straight, as well as sturdy, and the edges of the walls along the doors and the building must also be straight and smooth

These are the things you first see; they make the building look good, the finishing touch. We are constantly trying to make that that we reach that goal.

We’re getting there.


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