And then we had to stop


It’s disappointing, and it wouldn’t be right if all went according to plan, but the costs have gone up clearly more than was planned for. We´ve seen this coming for a while, as it seems that the financial plan didn’t include a few necessary items, among other things the cost of the concrete floor for the first floor!

In the end, the building is nearing completion, but we ran out of money and had to stop in our tracks. Remaining are quite a few items, as the building itself still needs the railing on the stairs and balcony, the water tanks (one for rainwater and one for fresh water from the city), a couple of toilets, gutters for the rainwater and electricity, and plaster on the walls of the toilets and the outside wall of the compound.

Inside the building, we are looking at items like a cooking stove and utensils; a sink, counter top, and storage selves and cabinets. Also on the list are tables and chairs for the kids, as well as light fixtures,  etc., etc. We are working on the prices of the specific items, so if you want to know more about that before we publicize it, let us know.

So we really need your help. Check out this page on how to do so, and for the different possibilities. It is possible to sponsor a specific project or item(s), or send money to our account. In all cases, the kids and all involved are very grateful for donations, large or small!

We’re also still looking for a couple of sponsors for kids to be able to go to school. As we go into the new building, we will also be taking on more kids, so the need will be growing to support them all. That also includes the recurring costs of electricity, water, sewage (new items, as we didn’t have any of these before!), food, salaries, etc….


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