Anxiety in Kenya

Three people were killed again today and many injured in protests against the election board here and existing president Uhuru Kenyata. Many have been killed that since the presidential election in August.

The election was orderly and correctly done according to international observers, but it seemed they didn’t look any farther than the voting centers. What happened behind closed doors was apparently very different as the Supreme Court declared the elections void, due to gross irregularities, read fraud.

Since then there have been protests against the system that allowed this (the election committee), and the sitting president and his party. They are now at three per week, and promise more.

Protests forbidden

Yesterday the government forbade any more protests in the center of Nairobi and other cities, because of possible violence, although there has been very little. The opposition says it is a constitutional right to protest.

I was in downtown Nairobi on Wednesday and was there for the large protest, which was quite peaceful. There were lines of police along the route, but they remained quiet.

The repeat election is October 26 and promises to be an event, as well as the remaining time before that. Protests are promised until then, and the election committee and courts are working overtime to answer all the legal questions.


Opposition leader pulls out

On top of it all, a couple of days ago the top opposition leader Raila Odinga pulled out of the election, saying it was illegal and unfair.

The protests continue, the police forcefully enforced the ban on protests today, using tear gas and live ammunition. There are many accounts of police brutality and shooting of innocent people, and even tear gassing a primary school.

This is a disaster for the economy, the tourists have stopped coming again. Such a waste.