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That’s done!

  That’s done! We got it! A couple of days ago we received a letter from the Chamber of Commerce with our registration (required by law for all businesses – which includes non-profits). And today the letter arrived with our fiscal registration number and exemption from sales and income tax. In true tradition of the …

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  Communication The wonders of technology allow us what seems like unlimited possibilities, but that technology has to be paid for. The electronic contact with Patricia and Fredd is primarily by e-mail and Facebook. (How did people ever get things done pre-Facebook/e-mail/internet/Skype?!) They are dependent on a prepaid account to be able to get on …

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  Landmark! We’ve been at it now for several months, with an important point being reached today that we are now an official foundation (non-profit) in The Netherlands. The signatures were placed by Marianne Pfeifle as chair, Connie Raaijmakers secretary, and Charlotte Abrahamsen the treasurer. There is still a lot to be done, but we …

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Convinced Marianne and son Bob came back today from a short (five days) journey to Nairobi and Matunda. There they saw Patricia and Fredd in action and were able to talk a lot about the project, the possibilities, and the responsibilities for the future. There were plenty of things to be discussed that had not …

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The beginning

  The beginning For the last several months we have busy with the idea of helping Matunda from The Netherlands and the USA. It is an existing Kenyan project, established and run by local people in the ghetto Soweto Kayole. We met Patricia and Fredd when we were on holiday in Kenya. We already had …

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