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Tired but content

  Tired but content Tired but content – this pretty much sums up our journey to Nairobi and Matunda. We were busy with visits to the provincial and district government offices for the necessary permissions and to pay taxes on the ground and registration. We also made a surprise visit to the chief of the …

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New kids

    New kids There are seven new kids at Matunda. This was possible as the new kids going to school won’t be there as often, making room for Joseph, Reagan, Stephen, Cynthia, Derrick, Kevin, and Selly.

Going to Kenya

Going to Kenya On February 16 Marianne and Charles Pfeifle are going to Nairobi and Matunda for three weeks. There is plenty of work to be done, with meetings with potential architects and builders for the new building, the city about the necessary permits, possible sponsors, Fredd and Patricia, visiting the kids, etc., etc. We’re …

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Going to school

  Going to school We were able to send six kids to school in January as a result of generous sponsors. For this we (and the kids!) are very grateful. From left to right, Roos, Joyce, Fred, Brenda, Harrison, Kimani, Lucy, and Mary.

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Not relevant in English (Dutch taxes!)

Breaking news!

    Breaking news! The latest news from Nairobi – Patricia had a baby boy, weighing in at 3.4 kilos. His name is John and he, his mother and (not to forget) his father are all doing fine.

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More kids going to school

  More kids going to school Good news for the kids of Matunda. We expect to be able to send six more kids to school in January! This is possible because of several people sponsoring them. This is great, of course, as they are given a chance to achieve something in life. For these kids …

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School project

School project In the period December 6 – 23, the grade school J.J. Anspachschool is organizing a project for Matunda. On November 1, Marianne Pfeifle and Connie Raaijmakers visited all the classes and showed and told the kids about the kids of Matunda, their lives and the present building. These kids will be making, painting, …

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Napoli for Nairobi

    Napoli for Nairobi Restaurant Napoli in Rotterdam has started a great project. The customers can choose to pay one Euro for tap water, the profit going to Matunda. So if you’re in the area, we recommend the water from Napoli…

Visit KLM

    Visit KLM On November 14 the kids of Matunda were surprised with a visit by three Mzungu’s, KLM flight attendants with 100 kilos (220 pounds) of baggage: clothes, toys, and other gifts from The Netherlands. It was a grand party, and included a game of soccer, as well as the group picture.

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