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Collection We are still collecting old cell phones, digital cameras, and portable computers. These will be sold in Nairobi, the profit going to Matunda. This is part of the plan to make them more financially independent and will hopefully soon be incorporated into further business adventures.

Polio immunization

    The kids are getting polio shots. The government embarked on a campaign after polio case was reported in Migori County, in the former Nyanza province. Children under five were immunized. It is an oral vaccine and the kids then get a mark to show they have had the immunization. Click on a picture …

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Grade school walks for Matunda

  Grade school walks for Matunda The last month the kids from grade school De Fonkelsteen have been working for the kids of Matunda. They collected cloths, toys, and deposits from bottles for them. These activities ended with the six kilometer Walk for Matunda on Saturday, October 8 in the beautiful area around Neerijnen in …

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  News! Jesintah, the cook from Matunda, recently gave birth to a son, Shadrack. Both are doing well. In the meantime she is back at work, also taking daughter Dunge with.

The walk for Matunda

  The walk for Matunda On October 8, we finally reached the date of the Walk for Matunda. Almost 70 hikers were there in Opijnen, in the province Gelderland. They could choose to walk for 7, 11, or 15 kilometers, and although there was some rain, there was little complaining. Everyone found it a success! …

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Sad news

Sad news We have received the sad news that Basilita has passed away. She had been sick for quite some time, and unfortunately only reached the age of nine. She was a quiet, polite and very friendly girl, and fun to have at Matunda. She wanted to be a doctor when she grew up, but …

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Walk for Matunda

  Walk for Matunda To help collect funds for the new building at Matunda we are organizing a walk on Saturday, October 8. The walk will leave Opijnen (a small town near Zaltbommel), with routes of 7, 11, and 15 kilometers and is not difficult to walk. We are asking €15 and offer a good …

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Visit to Matunda

  Visit to Matunda Recently Marianne and I (Connie) were in Nairobi for two weeks to visit Matunda. After all the stories I had heard, this was my first real trip to see Fredd, Patricia, and the kids. It was a very special visit, especially seeing the kids. It’s hard to believe how positive and …

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The new cook

  The new cook The new cook at Matunda is a real gem. “Auntie” Jesintah and her daughter Dunge of two arrive every day at 8:00 AM to welcome the kids. She opens the door and keeps an eye on everything until Fredd gets there. It’s amazing how much work it is to make a …

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Bram, age 6, helps poor kids in Africa

  Press release for the local newspapers in Oosterhout, The Netherlands:   Bram, age 6, helps poor kids in Africa In a local park at the yearly Queen’s birthday rummage sale, the non-profit Matunda Orphans’ Community Center ( had a stand to sell the things they had collected for a children’s center in Nairobi, Kenya. …

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