Back in Nairobi


As noted last time, we had to stop building because of lack of funds. This period also gave me a chance to regroup and get organized to go back to Nairobi, where I just arrived. It’s always good to be back and be welcomed by all the kids and those involved with Matunda, but also the people in the neighborhood, and even on the way walking to the neighborhood.

After a newsletter in Dutch, money has been coming in, and we were able to start building again. Right now we’re working on the first water tank; the one for rainwater collection, but will now be used for city water until we can afford the second one. Also at work are the people raising the outside wall a bit, the electrician, water for the toilets, and handrails and a gate for the stairway.As money comes in, we’re still looking at plastering more walls, railing for the balcony, shelves and cabinets for the schoolroom and kitchen, kitchen utensils and stove, painting, etc.

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