Visit to Matunda



Visit to Matunda

Recently Marianne and I (Connie) were in Nairobi for two weeks to visit Matunda. After all the stories I had heard, this was my first real trip to see Fredd, Patricia, and the kids. It was a very special visit, especially seeing the kids. It’s hard to believe how positive and happy they are, and how helpful for each other. I wanted to take a small part of this feeling with me back to The Netherlands!

For Marianne it was special to see the big changes that have taken place in only six months. They have learned a lot, and now have school desks, which makes them almost a real school. Fredd is a passionate teacher, for which we are very grateful.

The most import part of our trip was to be part of purchasing land. This will be for the future building of Matunda.

IMG_1678Everything was pretty much taken care of in advance, so only the formal parts were left to be done with registration and payment. Two pieces of land were bought side-by-side; a great location just down the street from the existing location, and close to a large open space where the kids play soccer or other games. Thanks to a personal loan, the land could be purchased now, but we have a lot of work to do to get the €6,000 necessary to pay for it. Marianne is already busy with ideas to get donations, so of course we hope that everyone will be willing to chip in, with ideas, actions, and donations.

We have asked Patricia and Fredd to try to find a means of getting fencing put up. After that we can start planning for the New Matunda. The ideas for this must come from Kenya, as they know best how and what can be achieved in the neighborhood.

Joyce and Kimani are doing well in school. We picked up Kimani there to take him to the ophthalmologist. He has eye problems due to allergies. The advice sounded like that anywhere else: avoid excess dust, pets/animals, no carpets, and stay away from charcoal fires.

That’s easier said than done in Kayole, where most people there have dirt floors in their houses. The eternal dust is a problem, but with the eye drops and extra cleanliness, he’s getting better.

The list of Matunda kids was updated during our stay. Patricia is looking at four new orphans who she would like to take on, which would reach the limit for now.

Marianne and Connie