Brenda was born 8 August 2003.

She is a sister to Elvis who is also sponsored by the Matunda community centre.

Their parents are separated.

The two children currently stay with their mother and step father.

The two children joined Matunda in 2009.

She is a normal child without any form of disability.

Brenda is a jovial and talkative girl. She is also open-minded.



Brenda is a class six pupil in Mwangaza primary school.

She is a clever girl and therefore performs well in school.

Her class teacher is Miss Diana.

She is well behaved and has never been involved in any kind of mischief while in school.



Her teacher, Miss Dianah, believes that Brenda can perform even better if she focuses more on school work and changed her attitude towards school work.

Even though her marks were above average, she did not perform well during the first term of learning.  Brenda showed a tremendous improvement in both the second and third terms of learning.

Her performance in the first term of learning raised lots of questions. She had always done well in her school work and getting less than 300 marks was something unexpected.

After a general talk where all the children shared the challenges they encountered, Brenda admitted that there were times she had to miss school because of bus fare.

In the next meeting with the board members, this was discussed and Brenda and her brother started getting bus fare to enable them get to school and go back home in the evening.

This might have, in a big way, motivated Brenda to perform well and not miss school.