Daily life at Matunda

Daily life at Matunda

At the end of her time in Kenya, Marianne spent another week at Matunda.

One of the mothers cooks now every day for the children. In the morning they attend class, while in the afternoon they do their homework and then play. The kids are very curious and eager to learn. English lessons are part of that. Swahili is the everyday language, while English is used when they start school. (There are still more than 40 tribal languages that are still used as well!)

The washing of hands before the meal has become the habit. The kids then check each other to make sure they are clean. Throwing garbage is the waste can is also going well. They are proud of themselves whenever they find something to throw in there.

After eating and homework, the kids play on the grounds, while the littlest ones take a nap on the mats we bought for them.

Sometimes there are arguments, but short-lived, as Patricia and Fredd are quite strict. The children play games they know or make up, and with self-made toys.

As we have a sponsor for Joyce, she will be starting school in January. She’s elated! She’s eight years old and should do very well there. We hope to be able to send more kids to school when we find sponsors.IMG_1793

De building where the kids gather is very small. We’re still trying to find a temporary solution in adding on as cheaply as possible, while at the same time looking for something better, and a more permanent solution. It is now the rainy season, and the kids are often forced to be inside, which is then very crowded for learning and playing.

A lot has been achieved so far. There is still much to be done, but at least the kids have a place to be where they are safe, can eat, and get some education.

A hearty welcome to everyone who has donated so far. Without your help, we can do nothing. Thanks also from the kids:

Joyce, Kimani, Michael, Mary, Faith, Rose, Brenda, Dayo, Hilder, Harrison, Elvis, Moses, Eunice, and Martha.