My first day back in Kenya



I arrived in the evening in Nairobi, and after the usual long wait for customs, and another for the baggage, I was off in a taxi to where I am staying. The bumpy, unfinished and/or filled with holes roads were familiar, and it didn’t take long that my eyes started watering from the smog. But it was great to be back.

The next day was filled with meeting the people involved with building our new center, Mercy (the new director – actually already more than a year), and of course the kids. They were excited and had all made cards welcoming me. One of them apparently had slept with her clothes and shoes on, so that she wouldn’t be late!

The building had already been going well. E-mail and WhatsApp certainly make a difference in communication, and I had been regularly in touch with Joash, our long-time friend and guy in charge.

Since then we have had many meetings, have gone to city offices to get approvals, and I’ve been asking many questions like a good white guy. (They don’t seem to be tired of me yet, or is it that they are just so polite?)


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