First couple of days

My first couples of days have been eventful – and busy! Of course there are Mercy, Jesintah and the kids at Matunda, but also Alice at the house I am staying at again, and the people I have learned to know a bit along the way walking to Matunda. And the many kids with the “Hey, Mzungu” (white person), “How are you?”

We have already evaluated the building and what needs to be done on short-term repair: a leaky sink, a broken shower head, leakage on the top floor balcony, etc.

Joash, our valuable talent here, who oversaw the building, is still with us, and getting estimates and people to finish more of the work still to be done. We’ll be looking at what we can get done with the money we have. We have several estimates, but need to shave them down a bit. I try to stay off on the side-lines for that, as when they see a white person, the price has a tendency to go up!