Going back to Kenya

The original building

It’s almost time to leave for Kenya – another round of trying to finish as much as possible of the building there, but just as import is trying to plan for the future. We have the three extra rooms upstairs, and need to look at what we can do with them.  Do we start a business, or have (health or other subjects) lectures, start some form of vocational school, or just rent them out.

As noted before, the World Bank paid for a sewer and water system in our area, which was to be a huge change for the better. The sewer system works like a charm, but in spite of paying a monthly fee for water, we haven’t had any for months. No one really knows why; it’s just the way it is.



It took months to get electricity, and now we can’t seem to get the necessary meters to measure the use of that electricity. So there are enough things to get done. Let’s hope that a white guy can use his influence to help get the job done.

Pictures will follow soon…