Kimani, Joyce, and Michael’s mother dies

Wanjiru's Mum


Kimani, Joyce, and Michael’s mother dies

Unfortunately death is a part of daily life in Kenya. There are far too many people who die prematurely due to preventable diseases as infant mortality, TB, malaria, and AIDS. Kimani, Joyce, and Michael’s mother recently died after a long illness.

Under the circumstances the kids are doing fine. They understand all too well; all children are exposed regularly to death. They have many questions, and are cared for by Patricia and Fredd, who also are involved with the family concerning the future of the kids.

Kimani and Joyce had been staying at home, but after a week are back in school. They are doing well, and very much enjoy being able to attend. Kimani went back to third grade, as his reading was less than it should be. His teacher says he is very enthusiastic, and a good worker, so he should catch up quickly.

We hope to be able to send another two kids to school soon, when we have sufficient finances. We are always dependent on donations, and are very grateful for the people who support us, and make this all possible.

So far several people have requested donations for Matunda instead of presents for a birthday. We in the Western world are generally blessed with so much; we often don’t know what to ask for gifts. Ask for a gift this year that is a donation to a good cause.

Felix, who used to be with is, is back. He is a very happy and sweet kid, who is fun to have around.