Policy Plan 2018

This year the board was expanded to ten members, and filled with family members and a couple of friends, and with two outside members, one from the Netherlands. The majority is clearly in family hands, what is not conducive for the independence of that board. We will see how this works in practice, but until now there has been no activity or participation of that board.

Also this year we want to continue with activities for the children: more kids in school, if that is financially possible, a simple school trip, activities for the kids in the school vacations, a Christmas party, etc.

A goal is also to start a Board of Trustees, to better use the extra rooms we have available, and to make Matunda more (financially) independent from Matunda Netherlands.

That is, that a Board of Trustees is there for supervision, funds are found in Kenya, and projects are realized. We can use the extra rooms for other goals, such as courses, talks, starting a business or renting to a business or family, and a vegetable garden.

To realize all this, it is necessary that the board in Kenya does more. Until now that has not been the case, with Matunda being run completely from the Netherlands.