Policy Plan

The Policy plan of Matunda Community Centre is, as stated in our Mission and Vision, is based on establishing a safe place for local, needy children of Soweto Kayole in Nairobi, Kenya, to allow them to reach their full potential and lead useful, productive, and happy lives, and to help others around them to do the same. Also to help create a neighbourhood around Matunda where there is equality, economic development, good education, and justice for all.

To make this work the goals van the constitution will be used, as well as carrying out the rest of the constitution and the Foundation Policy.

The most important thing remains the wellbeing of the children, at Matunda and in school. In addition, we have several extra rooms that can be used for courses, talks, started a business ourselves or renting out space for a business or to a family.

Taking care of the children also means consultation, help with behaviour issues, supervision, sex education, contact with the parent(s)/guardians, organizing events and projects, etc. We could also start a vegetable garden, with containers on the walls, or on top of the building for the toilets.

To achieve this we are dependent on the board in Kenya. They have to maintain contact with Matunda and us, and have to tone initiative with these projects.

Policy Plan 2018

Policy Plan 2019

Policy Plan 2020

Policy Plan 2021