Financial, social, and legal responsibilities


Matunda Community Center is a recognized Dutch foundation that supports the like-named nonprofit Community-Based Organization (CBO) in Nairobi, Kenya.


Goals as noted in the statutes of the foundation:

  • support of underprivileged children in third-world countries in general and giving support to Matunda Orphans Community Center in particular
  • perform all other actions associated with the preceding that can be conducive in the broadest sense


Achieving those goals:

  • the foundation will try to achieve her goals with all legal means available to the foundation
  • support of Matunda Community Centre in the development of an independent and self-reliant project that around twenty underprivileged children in the neighborhood Soweto Kayole in Nairobi, Kenya, can be offered a better future
  • that support will consist of monetary funding, advice and other possible help
  • within five years Matunda must be self-supporting, after which the possibilities will be considered of expanding the project to other locations


Wat we want to achieve for the children:

  • the children should get two meals a day
  • the children should be able to go to school daily
  • for all the kids medical care should be available


More information over the Foundation Policy


Matunda is registered with:

Dutch Chamber of Commerce                                  50558838

Government registration                                          8228.03.562


Registration address:

Slijperijhof 42

4902 DJ Oosterhout

The Netherlands

Telephone +31-162-470 474

Internet address:


Bank account number: NL81 ABNA 0574 0931 17



Marianne Pfeifle, chair

Connie Raaijmakers, secretary

Charlotte Abrahamsen, treasurer


Remuneration policy:

All persons involved, that is board members and others assisting in any position within or for the organization, receive no financial or other compensation for work done, outside of a possible exceptional compensation for verifiable costs made.