The first stone



When you put up a building, the first phase of preparing the ground and laying the foundation takes a long time, and you really don’t see a building coming up. That changes when the walls can finally start.

The original founder of Matunda, Fred Mukolwe, honored us by laying the symbolic first stone. This he did with our longest young member, Michael Njore. The two did a good job, and when finished, the others took over with laying quite a few “first stones”. It was a momentous occasion for all. When you see where the kids are at now, and what the future building will look like, you can really appreciate why everyone is excited.


The downstaiirs walls themselves will actually be up in a couple of days. The support pillars will follow, and then they start with the upper floor/ceiling.

I was impressed with the rainy season being mainly confined to the night, but that has now definitely changed! Everything is wet and muddy, traffic comes to a standstill (more than normally!), and even walking along the sometimes paved streets is an undertaking. The rubber boots I bought were a good deal!


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