The kids

It’s why we’re doing this. Every time I come here, it’s like a new experience again; the enthusiasm, those dark brown eyes and bright teeth. The feeling of the hairs on my arms and head, all trying to sit on my lap at once, the chattering in Swahili that I still don’t understand.

The bigger kids are at school all day, but drop by after school, and of course they are all there during school vacations. At the moment we have Joyce in her first year of high school, the other twelve in primary school. High school is more expensive and they have to be motivated to go, so we’ll have to see how they do on their exams, which help determine if they go to high school.

The pictures of the bigger kids were taken on Friday afternoon, when they come from school. Mercy also gave out a lot of the clothes I brought with, from the many donations we receive.


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