The kids



Yup, the kids of Matunda; that’s what’s it all about. They’re all local kids that don’t have at home what all kids need: a good roof over their heads, enough good food, parents or those who will love and take care of them, an education, and good examples from adults on of how to live their lives. And these kids don’t – or at least they didn’t.

We feed them, get them medical attention when needed, and simple schooling. Certainly just as important is keeping them off the streets (the wrong crowd, sniffing glue, child prostitution), giving them a positive example and positive interactive life style, including just being able to safely play with other children.


We have sponsors who support a child to go to school. Those kids go to primary school, but always stop by Matunda after school, and during holidays. Primary school is free in Kenya – in name. They still have to pay for uniforms, shoes, books, food at school, etc. For many in the slums here that’s not an option.

We just got two new sponsors, so that’s great. However, we still have two other kids who are now ready to go to school, but can’t until we have the money. So if you feel you would like to help a needy child to be able to go to school, please let us know. Check it out here. € 20 ($23) a month will do that.

The place we have now is far too small, the roof leaks, the mud floor is now exactly that – mud. But still, you can’t miss the smiles on these kids’ faces, and their positive attitude is contagious. That’s why we do this. (It’s very rewarding for us as well.)


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