The next phase


The lower floor of the main building is done for now. Later the cement floors will be smoothed with another layer, and the walls plastered. The electrician is busy with planning and putting conduit in the walls. We’re also putting in extra conduit to be able to wire solar panels (in the future?) and electrical meters in each of the rooms that may be rented out in the future.

They have now started the walls for the kitchen, toilets, and outer wall surrounding the center. This is being carried with the same expertise we have become accustomed to. Joseph the contractor, and Joash, our jack-of-all-trades, who is continuously peddling between the site, suppliers, the bank, etc. to keep things moving.

At the same time, Joseph and Joash, as well as Mercy, who runs daily life at Matunda, Jesintah the cook and excellent help with the kids,20160425_103129_1280x720 Moses and Aggrey from the board here, as well as others, have been an important part of my attention. There have probably been far too many questions from me on how we will do things now with building, but also how we grow after the move has been made. But they all are patient with me, and actually so enthusiastic about this that it’s easy to work with them.

An important part of that growth is financial stability and independence. This has always been a goal, so that Matunda would be less dependent on funding from us. Starting vocational classes, a business, as well as discussion groups and lectures on various subjects are things that are being discussed.

There are opportunities for fundraising in Kenya. We are looking at the possibility of someone taking a course here to learn how to do that – quite a specialized line of work, as those who have tried know.


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