In the air!



In the air!

This evening we got the Dutch version of the announcement of the site and the start of donations out. As many friends, family members, acquaintances, and anyone else we could think of got an e-mail newsletter, also asking them to send it on to people they know so we can reach as many people as possible. All are asked to have a look at the site and consider a donation for Matunda.

We’re also preparing our trip to Kenya, with many extra suitcases (around ten people each get at least one extra suitcase), and used laptops go with as carry-on luggage!

We start with a four-day safari to the Maasai Mara, probably the best safari park in the world. Then we go on to Matunda to fix up the grounds, and possibly add on to the building, although that will be determined by how much room there is and the situation due to renting.

We’ll also be looking for furniture, including desks for the children, school uniforms, and a medical prepaid card (a company has contracts with many general practitioners and in local clinics, which makes it much cheaper for us). We’ll also be in contact with other relevant agencies that are related to our cause.

We also hope to be able to give presentations for children at two grade schools, and will otherwise try to make ourselves useful. Everyone is excited about it all – it’s still considered a vacation, even if it’s primarily to support Matunda.