The upper floor



We’re on a roll now. The record-breaking rain has slowed things down a bit; I walk around in my rubber boots and sometimes an umbrella – the workers keep going, and only head for shelter when it really starts pouring. The mud is bad in the dirt streets, but not any more on the building site.

The floor upstairs is going according to the description last time and is now drying. This process will take three weeks. In that time the supports will remain, making the building look like a jungle of wooden poles.


In the meantime they will be doing the walls of the kitchen and toilets, as well as the outside walls. The foundations are in place, so this will go quicker. The upper floor ceiling and de ceilings of the other buildings will be have a wooden structure and then a corrugated metal roof. The roof will have a slight pitch to enable collection of rain water and be at the correct angel for possible solar panels and/or solar water heater in the future. As we’re on the equator, that’s pretty much flat; the only difference being the slight angle for water runoff.

When finished, we will have six large rooms, a kitchen and storage room, and several toilets. This should all be finished within six weeks. And then comes moving into what compared to the existing building will be a palace!




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