The walk for Matunda



The walk for Matunda

On October 8, we finally reached the date of the Walk for Matunda. Almost 70 hikers were there in Opijnen, in the province Gelderland. They could choose to walk for 7, 11, or 15 kilometers, and although there was some rain, there was little complaining. Everyone found it a success!

Here are the pictures.

On arrival, everyone received coffee or tea, home-made cake and cookies, and for the walk a backpack with donated lunch, water, an apple (from the neighbor fruit farmer), some sweets, and other products.

Around 11:00 AM the first people left (in sunshine), along the dike by the river, past a working grain-grinding windmill (including private tour) and a local castle. After that, it was through a small woods, past the village of Neerijnen and City Hall, which is an old castle. There the strollers visited the castle gardens and received a snack and were able to purchase fruit from the gardens.

Then it was through pasture land, fruit trees, and back to the dike and the starting point, which was an old and huge private house that the owners allowed us to use.

The organizers, Coby and the two Mariannes, were there to greet them with home-made soup, bread, coffee or tea, and a glass of wine. The nine kids from the local grade school (see separate story) followed the shorter route, and passed several posts where they found questions on the ancient knights and on the local animals.

On returning, the kids received a hart or a star as present, a dip out of the grab bag, and joined the others with soup.

The adventures of the day were told, and very little mention was made of the couple of light showers that had to be endured. At the same time, everyone could see the African art paintings (for sale), generously donated by one of the sponsors, Moyo African Art.


In the course of the afternoon people started leaving for home, tired and satisfied, for a large part due to the organizers Coby Burggraaf, Marianne Engelshove en Marianne Pfeifle. Believe it or not, maybe influenced by the many compliments, they were already making plans for next year!

We would like to thank all the other sponsors and volunteers who, as well as those who could not join us, but still donated money, made this day such a success. It generated a grand total of €1900 (more than $2500) for the land for the new Matunda building.