They moved in!


The building was finally finished enough to be able to move in! As they don’t have that much in goods (no room!), the moving didn’t take long to accomplish. It’s a castle compared to the old place, with plenty of room, running water, toilets, but the electricity…

It seems the contractor was supposed to request connecting the electricity several months ago, as it takes two months after requesting and payment to get connected. Oops. So we’re still waiting on that.

Another downside, while we have city water, the pressure is not enough to fill the raised tank (for gravity feed when the water quits, which is often does). We had to put in a water pump, but it’s electric and still waiting to start its work. In the meantime, we have the 5,000 liter tank filled from a tank truck.

The rooms are cheerful with different colors, as chosen by the kids. They enjoy everything about the new place and have plenty of room to play. The month of December is a holiday month, so that worked out, as all the kids are now at the site. Many of them will be going upcountry to visit families for the Christmas period.


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