Time is up (again)


In the meantime my month here has flown by. It was quite busy, with coordinating the building, the necessary backlog of bookkeeping, shopping for things for the kitchen and other things needed, taking pictures, as well as selecting them and putting them and the stories on the site, meeting and talking with all concerned in Kenya, as well as, of course, visiting with the kids.

I really had the hope that we would be able to move in the time that I was here, but unfortunately it was not meant to be. We’re very close, with only some plaster work to be done, and the last of the toilet plumbing, and painting in the kitchen and toilets.

It should work to be in before the end of the month. The building won’t be fully finished, but the essential things for moving will be. After that, there will be no building for a while, as the money is gone again. The beginning of next year we will decide what to do.


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