Time to go


The building is going fine. The walls are now being done for the kitchen and toilets, as well as the outside wall. The concrete floor for upstairs is still drying, after which the walls for upstairs will go up.

Of course, when I leave the building will continue. I will continue to communicate with the people here, but then we will be back to e-mail, WhatsApp, and pictures.

My time is up here. It is been great and very useful; we have accomplished a lot. I am very grateful for all the input by all the participants.

I actually have kind of a hangover – tired, encouraged, hopeful, but still have the feeling that I could have stayed longer to get even more done. It all went so fast.

I’m very grateful that these people have accepted me. Sure, white people are often seen as Santa Claus and can be seen as a source of getting something for nothing. That happens as well, but seldom. Most people want to meet you and talk. They are very open and uprightly friendly. And when you get to know them, it’s only better. Most are humble, polite, with no arrogance or large egos in the way.

And if you want to donate money, we are going to expand when the building is done: more kids and more ambition. We now have two kids looking for a sponsor to send them to school. Check out the possibilities here.


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