Tour of the building

Outside the front gate

Things are finishing up here as far as the building goes. And as far as the money goes. The plumbing, roof (it’s not leaking anymore!), electrical work, and plastering are all done. The painter can now finish up his work. The outside wall is done, and it’s just some ceilings to be finished that were waiting for the roof to not leak, and the “skirts” – the bottom three feet or so of the walls of the building and the outside walls that are a darker color. This is to keep it looking better even after being rain-splashed on and with continual touching by the kids.

Laura, a Belgian girl that is staying at the same house I am at (one of several volunteers with Alice, who runs a school in another area), has been painting figures in one of the rooms. A real improvement and it livens it up a lot. We’re grateful that she has been doing this. The other young people at Alice’s have also chipped in and have been preparing the walls and paint, and painting. I never realized how hard it is to mix paints to get the colors you want!

We were trying to put in tiles in all the rooms, and then just the downstairs rooms. As we ran out of money, we will have to wait until next time to do that. Unless someone thinks he/she would like to sponsor a room! Other than the floors, we can consider the building finished.


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