Two more kids in school!

Joyce en Kimani, ready for school


Two more kids in school!

Recently two kids from Matunda were able to start school! Kimani and Joyce are being sponsored to make this possible. And that for just €30 per month.

It started with a visit to the public school close to Matunda, then registering, getting a uniform and books, etc. Patricia and Fredd are coordinating this adventure, and are monitoring the progress.

School is a huge change for them, and takes getting used to. Kimani is in fourth grade, and Joyce in third grade. This was determined by the school, and while they are running behind their peers, they are expected to catch up quickly.

Their younger brother Michael (three) now gets picked up every morning by Brenda, who takes him to Matunda.

So far everything is going fine; we’ll be waiting for further reports. Hopefully more kids will be able to follow in their footsteps shortly.

To be continued…