Walk for Matunda 2017 a success!

What a beautiful day!

Sunday September3 was a beautiful day; the best one all week. It was the fifth walk we’ve had, this time with almost 60 people.

The house where we hold these walks is a beautiful grand old building, with several buildings and a large garden area. Arie and Hennie live there, and are always very good hosts! WArie even had the carriage shed cleaned up for us, so we could check that one off the preparation list.

As the guests came in, they were given coffee and cake, and there was plenty of conversation before they slowly started moving toward the beginning of the walk. That gave the organizers time to prepare the meal, drinks, items for sale, used books, etc.

Returning after the walk

And then the participants started coming back, with stories and compliments on how everything went. The countryside is beautiful and varied and they had a chance to visit a small museum along the way that was included in the price.

The meal and drinks were waiting for them and it didn’t take long to dive in, in what had turned into a garden restaurant. The sun was still shining, the temperature perfect, and very little wind. Perfect!

Around five o’clock people slowly started leaving, all with smiles on their faces and seemingly quite satisfied. On the way out, there was an often heard phrase of, “See you next year!”

The bottom line

Organizing such an event is always a lot of work, but in the end, when you see the result, you decide it was all worth it. And then we added up the money, with some costs, items many of which were donated, and the total was

€ 5406,33 !!!



A heartfelt thanks to the people that were there, those that sponsored, and those who helped with the preparation and clean-up.

Charles will be leaving September 26 for Kenia, to try to spend the money wisely on finishing as much as possible of the building. There’s a bit of uncertainly involved, as the Kenyans recently held elections, which are always a bit threatening after the postelection violence in 2007, when more than a thousand people were killed. This time the election results were apparently tampered with, and Supreme Court ruled that the election had to be done again – and that will be the end of October, when Charles is still there.



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