What’s in it for me?

Why do I do this? Why do I regularly go (often with Marianne/Jo) to a country that is poor, although better than many African countries? If the government or the rich Kenyans would take of these people, I wouldn’t be needed. (This is actually true of richer countries, as well!) And there are so many poor that this is a drop in the bucket.

Does it feed my ego that these people are so grateful or that everyone wants to talk to me; that the children greet me so often? Do I feel important that I’m the boss and I can tell people how to build and what to do? Is it guilt that I was born in a rich country and have had all the chances these people haven’t? Of course I had to make good on those advantages, but still.

Or is it that I can make a difference? That because of what we are doing these kids will also get a chance that many others don’t get? We see them eating better, playing in a safe environment, going to school; something they would not otherwise do.

So far this small project seems to be working. Now we go for expanding somewhat, also looking for the Kenyans who should be helping more. A drop in the buck? Yep. Useful? I think so.

As for my ego, I really do like the attention and friendships I have found here.