Foundation policy

Mission and vision as stated in the statutes of the foundation in Kenya:

Our mission is to establish a safe place for local, needy children of Soweto Kayole in Nairobi, Kenya. To allow them to reach their full potential and lead useful, productive, and happy lives, and to help others around them to do the same.

Our vision is to help create a neighbourhood around Matunda where there is equality, economic development, good education, and justice for all.

Goals as stated in the statutes of the foundation in the Netherlands:

  • support of underprivileged children in third-world countries in general and giving support to Matunda Orphans Community Center in particular
  • perform all other actions associated with the preceding that can be conducive in the broadest sense.

Achieving those goals:

  • the foundation will try to achieve her goals with all legal means available to the foundation.

Goals as stated in the statutes of the foundation in Kenya:

  • create a centre for local children that provides a clean and safe environment for mental and physical growth – a non-violent, drug-free, tolerant, and loving role-model setting to learn and play
  • involve the local residents as much as possible in the centre and its activities, with the sense of it requiring a community input and effort
  • finance local children to school through individual sponsorship
  • engage the local youth with both paid and unpaid (voluntary) activities
  • use the centre to facilitate events and projects for other local organisations
  • facilitate lectures and workshops for the neighbourhood on various themes, including health subjects, diet, family planning and sexual health
  • collaborate with governmental organisations, making use of knowledge and resources available, to improve the centre and the neighbourhood
  • stimulate and involve other organisations (NGOs, CBOs, self-help groups, etc.) in improving the lives of the local inhabitants and the local environment
  • utilise local skill and labour where possible to undertake building, repair or maintenance on Matunda property and assets
  • seek sponsors, local and otherwise, to help support Matunda financially and in-kind
  • to do all other such things as are necessary, possible, or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the foregoing objectives
  • Matunda shall not be affiliated politically, religiously or ethnically, nor have any political agenda.

Other goals considered appropriate:

  • establish a centre where the children can get meals, have room to safely play and learn, to receive positive attention and learn by example, get healthcare as needed, and send them to school
  • accommodate the kids during school holidays, allowing them to safely play, learn how to work and play together, get meals, keep them off the streets, and supplement their education
  • develop a financially and otherwise independent organization that can eventually operate and grow Matunda without the (financial) help of Matunda Netherlands
  • work together with the Kenyan board, that within a reasonable time will be able to take over completely from Matunda Netherlands and maintain and improve on all aspects of Matunda Kenya
  • finance local children to attend school through individual sponsorship
  • use the centre to facilitate events, offering room for lectures, seminars, courses, workshops etc. for the neighbourhood and other local organisations.

Wat we want to achieve for the children:

  • the children should get necessary and appropriate meals
  • the children should be able attend school if at all possible
  • for all the kids medical care should be available when necessary.

Duties of the foundations:

  • support of Matunda Orphans Community Center in the development of an independent and self-reliant center so that around twenty underprivileged children in the neighborhood Soweto Kayole in Nairobi, Kenya, can be offered a better future
  • that support will consist of monetary funding, advice and other feasible and relevant help
  • develop and maintain the Internet site and Facebook page, as well as other possible digital means, in Dutch and English
  • raise funds in the Netherlands, the United States, and Kenya
  • Strive to make Matunda be self-supporting within five years, after which the possibilities can be considered of expanding the project to other locations.


  • money collected from persons and businesses from events, Internet activities, contacting businesses, presentations for clubs, groups, businesses, schools, etc.

Management of funds and resources:

  • the total assets of the foundation are controlled by the board of the foundation in the Netherlands.

Expenditures of funds:

  • expenditures of all monies will be decided by the board of the foundation in the Netherlands, where possible in discussion with the board in Kenya.